Upholstery cleaning

Upholstery is one of the expensive investments in our homes. To keep these valuables clean is part of your duty because it displays the image of your room. This is a job you can do it by yourself, but also you can mess out with everything if care is not taken. That’s our duty to ensure that your valuables stay in good shape all the time. In many cases, the furniture is exposed to spills, stains and in case you have children, then the consequences are inevitable.  Some stains like juice, lipsticks and tea and coffee spills may cause permanent spots in your furniture.

All these problems will be solved by Eastern Suburbs Carpet, our mission is to guarantee you cleaning the highest standards because we understand the value of your furniture. Our group of experts who are highly trained, quality equipment, timely cleaning and our experience in this sector is a perfect winning combination, that’s why we have been the key service providers in the industry for years.

Our company is licensed and insured which makes us the best choice for your upholstery needs. There is a guarantee that your furniture will be back to a new life. Did you know that we can transform your furniture from dirty, to new or close to its original state? No one likes to stay in a room with dirty furniture; you can improve the state of your room by just doing these few steps.

Make a choice and call us and our customer care representative will handle you very well and professional.

After you call us, we will call back to plan a cleaning schedule, according to your needs. Don’t bother about our time, we have time for you.

We come up with a schedule and send our representative to your premise for inspection. This gives us the information about the requirements. Different furniture has specific approaches of cleaning and we treat any piece of with care.

Now, after getting the information, we plan for a schedule to come and have the job done. We are experts in this field and, therefore, your furniture will be clean.

Our services are readily available; we provide the expertise required to maintain your furniture and room at large. For inquiries feel free to call us, visit our contact us page for more information. Remember, our goal is to serve you better and customer satisfaction is the key to our existence.