Leather cleaning

Every type of leather needs regular cleaning, even the tough ones. Or what is your say? Leather furniture is also affected by dust and other pollutants like any other form of furniture. Note that, it is different from other types because it needs a higher level of cleaning. Care should be taken when cleaning this type of furniture to prevent them from damage. This is why a professional cleaner is required to ensure it is done the right way.

Eastern Suburbs Carpet is the company of choice, our highly trained carpet cleaning specialists has the experience to give the best result and cleaning to your house. We offer custom tailored services which meet your cleaning needs. Leather furniture is affected by the loss of moisture and softness over time and there is the need for a specialist to bring it to new life and maintain the overall performance.  Store bought cleaner can perform the task, but they can as well damage the furniture because of the chemical composition. Our company used special, high quality, safe without harmful effects.

Our team of experts uses cleaning systems which clean while also moisturizing your leather furniture. We also clean other types of leather related furniture including the sofa and other pieces of furniture. We apply special detergents which clear all dust and other debris. It is then heated to make sure the pores are open. Further heating is done and then a protector is applied to fill the cracks. There are some situations whereby soil damages the leather cover, restoration is required to make sure the furniture is back to life.

It is hard to discover the presence of soil particles in the leather covers, but in the real sense it is present. It might be a challenge for you, but it is our job to get the job done. Just count on us and we will leave an everlasting mark to your home.

It is the time to discover the importance of your valuables, we are here to help you maintain and safeguard your leather sofa. The first step is to value your assets, then choose Eastern Suburbs Carpet for your cleaning job, and we will ensure a healthy living for you. We care about your assets, and we are ready to offer the best services in town. Don’t hesitate to call us for more information.