Flood restoration

Ever been affected by the flood? This would be the worst scene to ever witness. The waters are contaminated with all sorts of dirt, sewage, debris and other tiny particles. Floods leave a horrific memory to the victim. Imagine your valuables being flooded by water? Just count on the costs of the furniture, carpet and rugs and you would run crazy. This is a natural scene and it’s not planned against. But does this mean that we let our property perish in the waters? No, Eastern Suburbs Carpet is the company to save you from all this damages.

Immediate action is required when dealing with water, to reduce the damages. We are equipped with advanced flood restorations equipment’s and techniques suited for that job. The highly trained specialists offer quick recovery to your valuables using these tools. They possess the skills useful for monitoring and identifying the most suitable system to apply to every situation

We are dedicated to responding to any type of disaster, our faster response ensures that the damage is reduced. Once the incident has been reported to us, we take the responsibility of helping you with restoration tips before we arrive.  We have specialized staffs in water damage restoration, applied structural drying, odor control technicians among others. This eases the process of restoration and taking control over the flood water. Our employees are certified both through internal training and external programs.

The water restoration process has several steps namely:

Reporting (emergency contact)

Inspection and thorough examination of the incident

Water removal


Cleaning and sanitization

Restoring the situation

Floods cause some other damages like leakages, overflows in toilets and sinks; our group of technicians will handle the situation in style and leave your premises in its original state. We offer extra services to our customers to overcome the situation with ease. Be confident that everything will be under control if you seek our services. Our representatives are available 24 hours, 7 days a week.

If you choose our services, it is a guarantee that we will be there for you in case of anything. Don’t let floods damage your valuables, talk to us now. We are the best of the best, give us the chance to serve you and we will act professionally. Feel free to call us for a free no-obligation quotation for your flood restoration services. Remember, your safety is our mission and customer satisfaction is our goal.